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Crypt era minis game idea

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    That idea sounds kick ass. I’d love to see that happen, are you thinking making it a mix and match kind of thing with the areas and the enemies being totally separate? Or will you only have certain enemies in certain areas? Also are you thinking of making humans playable only or would there be alien expansions?
    Sorry for the questions, but I’m a fan of the Crypt and I like Space Hulk and would love to see a game like that out there.

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    Kickstarter, man!

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    I was playing Space Hulk the other day. If you don’t know, Space Hulk is basically Aliens the board game. Space Marines fighting an unrelenting onslaught of aliens in tight spacecraft corridors. The next day I’m listening to an episode of The Crypt where Planetary Union marines are boarding a Ki vessel. I quickly started to think about how cool it would be to have a minis game a la Space Hulk, but in the Siglerverse. The science fiction equivalent of trench warfare with humans, Ki, Sklorno, etc. It would be epic and a cool bit of cross promotion. Is this something you would do, FDO?

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