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Crypt Catch Up


    with wifey on maternity leave and me commuting alone, finally had the chance to finish up. absolutely loved it. anxiously awaiting more more more

    good stuff. i’ve got some catching up to do myself.

    …..will be posted on January 25th. It will include the first 21 episodes of THE CRYPT (through Dr. Erun Wellington). These episodes will be sans Scottie speak (ie story only).

    The book will hit iTunes either simultaneously or shortly thereafter.

    If you simply *must* have the episodes before then, Belladonna is correct. The best place to grab them is



    GirlCo: Quieter than ninja, faster than Sklorno, stronger than Ki, and more devious than the Quyth

    I’ve been working on catching up on the Crypt lately, as well. I just pulled them down from the site here ( lists them in order) and transfered them over to my Droid to listen to from there. Not really that familiar with iTunes, so I can’t say if there’s an easier way through there, but downloading them from here works pretty well.

    Build a man a fire, warm him for a night.

    Set a man on fire, warm him for the rest of his life.

    Also, they will soon be up at, as are many of Scott’s other podcast novels.  Enjoy!!


    Pusher & [flickr-photo:id=3938763689,size=m]

    Hi, not sure if this is in the right place but here goes anyway.

    Loving The Crypt, especially now that Cryptmas has given it some momentum. Since previous episodes have been much more ad hoc I decided to go back to my iTunes feed and bring back all the eps to date – this has proven a mite trickier than I thought it would do. Most episodes have ‘Crypt’ somewhere in the info, but the first few haven’t, so it’s been a bit of a manual trawl to ensure I catch everything.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like that I have a coalescent Sigler feed, but for those catching up through cognitive failure or noobishness, it could be easier. Any thoughts on how best to pull out an individual novel etc?

    Also, I really like that The Crypt has come to us over such an extended period – ?1puvjk was in Mar 08! – and it def gives a sense for how Sigler has upped the production over time. I still like to go back and re-listen to Earthcore and Ancestor, the almost amateurish (by current standards) production is really endearing, it speaks of the (then) nascence of podiobooking. By comparison, I’m starting on with Cybrosis after Sigler carried a promo, and it feels a little overdone, for me it’s overusing background music and thereby diminishing the actual content.

    Finally, I want to say thanks for not falling into the trap of relentless self promotion Scott. I appreciate you’re here to turn a coin and ‘free’ is a relative term, but some of your peers have taken the jibber jabber onto a new level recently. For me, you strike a good balance. Long may that continue.

    So endeth the stream of consciousness. Thanks for reading. 

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