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Crypt Beauty – Blonde & Blue?!?!

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    this version of "perfection" doesn’t fit with what you and I like but sadock makes a good point.

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        I’m a bit behind on my ‘casts still, but if it’s only THE CRYPT: Angel of Death that’s the issue, I wouldn’t worry about it. Scott is damn good at writing from a particular point of view. I’ve seen/heard him catch loads of flak because someone thought he was expressing his viewpoint in his stories. I think that happened with Dew Phillips (Dew hates gays, NOT Scott), but I’m not positive.

       Is it possible that’s what’s going on here? You make it sound as if Angel of Death is all told from a single woman’s perspective. If so, you have to remember that truth is a three edged sword. No one sees the world as it actually is. 



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    Hey Scott.

    First I gott a say that I FRICKIN LOVE your work! You are the FDO and I am a junkie for life. Don’t ever stop writing.

    I have a bone to pick with you though about a trend I’ve noticed recently in the Crypt/Angel of Death series.

    Blonde hair, blue eyes, thin frame and "porcelain" skin as the epitome of beauty in the Siglerverse?!!?!  Come on Scott!

    I really liked the Latina female lead in Contagious, and all the different colored multispecies females in the Rookie.

    But in the Crypt/Angel of Death it seems that notions of beauty follow a strict standard that hit a little too close to home. In the Crypt one officer wishes to get blue eyes as "upgrades" to her brown eyes. In the Angel of Death the lead character fawns over thin, porcelain skinned, blue eyed blondes, while being jeered for not looking that way….  Maybe ok if this were one planet only, but this appears to be the beauty standard for the whole universe in this story line.

    As a person of color I cringe when I hear things like that.

    Like I said I LOVE your sh*t and am crazy about the Crypt, except for that one issue. One more thing — the way she talks — her voice sounds like she is mentally delayed, not like a doctor. Her voice can be deep and enunciate well at the same time. So ok, two issues…

    Ok man, good luck with everything and keep kickin’ ass!

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