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Createrakian Clarification

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    As though they were configuerd similar to a bat, meaning they would perch more or less upright, with a face configured similar to a bat: 2 eyes on top, above a mouth.

    However, I also pictured those two eyes as the bottom eyes. The other four would be on top of the head, and near the temple/side of the head.

    I figured it was that way so that in flight, the two eyes on the “face” would be looking down, the two eyes on the top would be looking forward, and the two eyes on the sides would be looking on the sides.

    I also think they do have a mouth, since they are interpreters, and figure they must have some mouth for communicating like the other species.

    I pretty much see them as football-shaped bats with extra eyes. 😛


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    Just had a few questions about the creterakians?

    1. Do they have a mouth and if so what does it look like and where is located?

    2. Same as above for the ears

    3. They seem to be wearing vests in the books is that considered standard attire?

    4. Where are the downward looking eyes located (under the chin (assuming the mouth is where humans is?

    Thanks for the help

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