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  • You punishing us for not being perfect on the first try?

    Keep up the good work, man. I like the site.

    I have turned off the module so people shouldnt see errors hopefully 


    Robbie Trencheny

    Web MastaPimp

    It seems like now, my points are being capped at 15 as I add new comments. That is a different issue, but there it is.

    (This turned out to be sort of inncorrect – This post showed 20 – the reply to a comment. This bit in parens is being added afterwards. So, knowing that you are most likely working on code as I write, take all this with a big grain of salt).

    Second edit – now I see the behavior the orginal poster mentioned:
    User earned 5 crack hits! Total now is 20 points.
    User MiguelD lost 5 crack hits! Total now is 15 points.

    At home – where ever I roam

    I have a general idea what is going on with this one – when I post a comment, sometimes I see an error in what I typed. I select “edit” and then go back and correct my post.

    This error appears at the top of the page:
    warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/modules/userpoints/contrib/userpoints_role_exempt/userpoints_role_exempt.module on line 45.

    I can figure out that there is code to avoid giving points for re-entering (fixing) an existing post. It seems to be working in terms of how it tracks points, but there is something wrong in how it accomplishes its goal.

    All the best guy, debug isn’t fun, so we’re with you.

    At home – where ever I roam

    Looking into it 


    Robbie Trencheny

    Web MastaPimp

    just wondering if this is normal after posting a comment:

    * User earned 5 crack hits! Total now is 30 points.
    * User Lucifer lost 5 crack hits! Total now is 0 points.



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