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  • And thats how you get NOOB’s to buy a book……

    was wondering that myself………………

    but the voices want to hear their voices
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    I deffenitly like this the best so far, although won’t people reading the book wonder why the triangle is in the eye? speaking of which, is it even possible to get a triangle in your eye? that would fucking hurt. Also, whose eye is that on the cover: yours, Scott?

    By the way, Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    I’m buying the audio in 2008. That cover could probably be used like a rorschach test. For sure it would reveal something…

    I keep looking at the cover and seeing new aspects of creepiness. Well done Mr. S. Well done!

    s13cybergal, an OJ with a walker.
    You can’t forget that Scott!

    yes yes, very nice

    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

    My favorite cover art yet!


    I will buy your book as long as the poison takes long enough to kill me so I can finish the book.

    Think, Junkies, think of that bitchin’ cover on a shelf. Better yet, think of a display of those bitches, three across and three deep, in the front of some bookstore. People will NOT be able to keep their dirty little mitts off the book. They MUST pick it up and see what it’s about.

    that’s why Crown has put a contact poison on the cover. It’s absorbed through the skin, you see. Sure, it will kill a lot of people, but when Channel 7 covers that story, it’s like free marketing! 

    The Irishman from Ohio"I never Get to Get it!"-Wacko Warner
    I like it. I cannot wait until April 2008.

    So what do you lot think of the cover? I think it is fraking amazing. The eye… just looks at you… And…. *screams*

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