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Couple of issues

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    Stumbled on it apparently as you were furiously typing, Hopefully everything works from here on out.

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    No idea why you were having trouble in camino. I will have to look.
    OpenID is a different thing entirely. You need to login to your account with your actual username and password first then go to edit your profile ( and then click openID and add in your OpenID address. 

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    Couple of things.

    I signed up for the forums on Camino 1.5.1 on OSX 10.4.10

    I was unable to change the info displayed in the birthday fields.

    Additionally, I had a bit of trouble using openID to login, I got an access denied page from

    Incidentally I just tried it in Safari, and it worked up until the point where it asked for a nickname and e-mail, and it rejected my e-mail, because I’d already used that for the first signup.

    Will OpenID logine be able to get the special Original Junkie flag?

    I’m just curious.



    edit: OK, found the add OpenID thingy, Does this mean I can log in with the openID or the regular username and it’s the same account? that would be sweet, as long as I get the OJ flag, because I’ve been here since the beginning of earthcrack

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