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could nocturnal ever be a movie?

  • If I was the FDO I would never let my material get into the big hands of Hollywood. They tend to completely slaughter things in favor of more special effects and putting a big name on the producer list. But I could see it as a series, more like Walking Dead style with very condensed episodes so they don’t end up making “filler” episodes that cheapen what’s there to work with.

    yes, a series a mini series, and i don’t care where the rewrite goes there is just way too much

    I think it as a “series” would work. Think Band of Brothers style.

    Perhaps the rewrite will completely solve that problem 🙂

    i would love it but wonder if there are too many moving parts to really do it justice, so many great books (much like this one) are often cheapened when they try to bring it to the screen, just sayin…

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