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Cool scenes you'd like to see…

  • either that or the gate seen.


    the scene i would like to see the most is the one where perry first goes into the bathroom and cuts out the first tri on his body where he pulls it from his leg,laming it for the rest of the book showing the tenreals being pulled under his skin up his leg hearing his mucsles tear slowly and with my own twist perry poping himself in the face as they clear the wound knocking himself out!

    I wrote this in one of the other forum threads, but I liked it…  so I thought I’d put it here.  So the call goes out…  You all know Perry.  You all know Drew.  You even know Margaret, Mal, Murray, and Bill…  So what scene would you like to see in the new book?  Mine was predicated on a post by redhedtexan:

    "i think scott will start the book with the rebuild of a faster better still screwed up perry with dew overlooking clitching his still warm 45"

    To which I did reply:

    I can just hear the orders from Murray Longworth

    Murray Longworth’s voice took on a plaintive tenor.  "You watch him Top.  We need him, he knows more than we do and that makes him important.  We have a lot invested in Perry Dawsey.  Keep a tight leash on him and for God’s sake, don’t kill him!  He’s not expendable."

     As Dew left the office, the door closing softly behind him, he heard Murray’s last words play through his mind…

    "He’s not expendable.  Not expendable.  Yeah Murray, sure he ain’t, not expendable like Mal was.  But Mal’s gone and he’s here still walkin’ and talkin’  I’ll watch him for you LT, I’ll keep a close eye on your ‘investment’. But if he steps outside the line one time.  If he goes apeshit, I’m gonna put him down."

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