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    The wasp like alien race from Earthcore was the Quith. Compare the two ships.

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    No it was the ki. But the thing is they spent so much money and resources on sending the triangles that when it had failed, they had basically spent themselves back into the ki version of the middle ages.

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    Under the Ki article there’s a footnote that say “The Ki were the race responsible for sending the infectious alien parasites, known as the Triangles. They sent the Triangles to set up a beachhead and build teleportation gates for their invasion” I can’t find the reference, but I also seem to remember reading somewhere that they were being used as shock troops by an occupying alien force. The Ki didn’t develop FTL travel till 500 years later according to the Galactic Timeline so I doubt the could build the technology necessary for the triangles/portals on their own. I thought this was the Givers or the “Wasplike Alien Race” but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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    But it was in a goreline call that someone asked him about his obsession with triangles. IIRC, he just likes them as they’re such an alien shape to see in other living beings. (I should go back and find the exact quotes to be sure, though.) Any connection you’re seeing probably comes from there. :3

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    is the correct spelling. Not sure if they have any connection to the triangles tho.

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    are the triangle head creatures in infected contagious some kind of offsping of scalorno?

    pretty sure i didnt spell it right since i only buy the audiobooks to listen to at work

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