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  • Andy, in THE ROOKIE’s galactic timeline, it is revealed that the Ki gate was built in 1967, after the Ki were subjegated by The Collectors. And then in 2009, the Ki rose up against The Collectors, and in their liberation, destroyed all of their technology, entering a dark age.

    It wasn’t until many hundreds of years later when the Givers brought FTL capability to the galaxy that the Ki resumed technological development. But they have yet to re-establish the level of technological achievement they once had.

    Hope that makes sense.

    As for where in the story the description of the Ki appears, it’s in the end-battle where the Exterminators are fighting against the beachhead forces as they just start to mass and move through the gate.

    6 years to late… though if the FDO wants to answer I’d be ok with that.

    If gate technology exists in the universe, why is no one using it in the GFL era.
    If I’m remembering correctly, the species that is on the other side of the gate sounded like the Key when described. (I’m having trouble finding the part of the story where they a

    Anyway, since they are a legit in-universe technology, will we end up seeing gates in later stories as a way to travel between stars?

    Scott mentioned at Balticon that he’ll be doing a Q & A for CONTAGIOUS sometime in the next few weeks.  I can’t find a thread already started anywhere asking for questions, but since I *have* a few questions, I thought I’d start one myself.  Please feel free to add your own questions here, or direct me to the right place (if I’ve missed it).

    My questions:

    1) The Orbital makes a real-time assessment and re-designs the triangles to best serve the changing situation for gate-building, but it doesn’t just wait out the growing military threat on the ground.  Once the invasion starts, is the Orbital unable to stop it?

    2) How many Orbitals are out there in space, do you think?  Or is this the only one?

    3) Have any idea if Chauncy Billips has read CONTAGIOUS?

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