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Contagious Pre order FDO hook up!

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      OK.  So I live in the middle of nowhere.  Well ok, I aleays have.  Moved from Wichita, KS to the middle of the prarrie in Alberta, Canada.  The written word is like Kryptonite to these people.  The  place revolves areound the oil patch so guys work, drink, and inbreed.  Repeat as needed.  There are NO bookstores within a hour of here and even they suck. and Ebay are my sanity lifelines here.  As you can see I was pretty well forced to pre order on Amazon as I don’t make it to Bug Tussle often enogh to guarantee I would be able to get my copy of Contagious. (kneels and make the sign of the chicken scissors)  Howeer, being a man of the people, Pope Siglericus the 30th saw fit to lay his rightous and Holy hand upon me in the form of a finacial recompense as only the most Gracious would do for his loyal and faithful followers.  I give you PROOF of the blessing that has befallen my household in the name of Sigler.  Yes he will destroy this filthy land of Sodomites in his own time with our help, but he will do it economically and save us some cash along the way.

    Greetings from

    You saved $0.58 with’s Pre-order Price Guarantee!

    The price of the item(s) decreased after you ordered them, and we gave you the lowest price.

    The following title(s) decreased in price:

                 Price on order date: $16.47
           Price charged at shipping: $15.89
     Lowest price before release date: $15.89
                            Quantity: 1
                       Total Savings: $0.58

    $0.58 is your total savings under our Pre-order Price Guarantee.

    Congrats on the release my King.  Now go rip the NYT Bestsellers a new one!



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