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contagious downloadables

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    * , the future of digitally distributed novels! *

    Are you going to do contagious as an audio book i,d buy that my lord Αω

    Was thinking about that last night. Re-listened to the Junkie Thanks you had done when we were pushing Infected. They had to produce a second print run because we were so rabid. What’s Crown’s deal? Do they think the Junkies aren’t actually sending it out or what?!?!?

    * , the future of digitally distributed novels! *

    As of right now, 12-3-08 at 4:30 pm, the publisher has provided no downloadables. I mean not even a proof of art to review. There WILL be stuff to download, but I may be doing it myself.


    are there any plans to produce downloadable stuff for contagious, as you did for infected (similar to the ringtones, screens, etc)? Would be cool to have the badge as a screen image, or some other freaky s**t on your phone to convert others…

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