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Contagious Action Figure!!!!

  • <li> Yes, I got mine yesterday.

    <li> 12 inch figure done up in the field uniform of the 101st airborne, but the patches are not pre applied.

    <li>I had to choose the equipment layout – I choose the laser sight on the M4 rifle, and the tactical vest.  The M9 has the cowboy holster, with an extra magazine, and a knife rather then the chest mount.

    <li>Choose one of the two gloved hand sets – I mean in Winter…..Kept the scarf for now.

    <li> I got 10 extra M4 magazines as a seperate purchase, giving me 14 magazines (280 rounds) plus 10 rounds in each of the two M9 magazines = total 300 rounds of ammo!  No place to put the final M9 magazine yet.  Old military saying – you can NEVER have too much AMMO!

     <li>Leaving the radio off for now, and putzing with the helmet.

    <li>Comes with body armor, but I don’t see it.

    <li>Have to swap out the head, make up the appropriate X-ray company patches, and make up the rest of the three triangles I am setting up for the whole diorama.

     <li>Here is the kit to start with – there are some left:


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