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Confession time…

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    no way do I cry like a little baby

    like junkie needing his next fix, maybe (sorry about the matt *fucking* wallace reference there)
    Like a sailor missing his favorite whore
    like a little girl who just had her favorite dollie stolen
    like a puppy missing it’s mommy
    like schwarzenegger realizing he is in fact gay

    but NEVER like a little baby

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    If we all had one of those cool Sigler Smile  watches, he would never be late! 

    ..No Bounce..

    …No Play…

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    Just check out the rehab thread for an answer to that question!

    We all whine like bitches when an episode is late… err…is on Sigler-time.Tongue out


    Ah, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! ~ Hoban "Wash" Washbourne – Firefly

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    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK) #3 in crack hits (Special?  Ain’t I just)

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    I remember my first time when I caught up to the feed and had to wait for the next dose.  I cried.  Like an angry, hungry baby.
    Tastes Like Chicken

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    Let it all out brother…

    Nobody here is going to judge you…

    Well, not much anyhow.  It’s alright because we ‘feel your pain’….

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK) #3 in crack hits (Special?  Ain’t I just)

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    Whilst I’ve been an OJ for just over a year I have had self-control and self-medicated my Sigler fix. I managed to lead a normal life by keeping my habit under control by listening to the audiobooks when I wanted to and in the order that I wanted to. So that meant; Ancestor, The Rookie, Infected and Earthcore Then Sigler publishes his Twelve Days of Sigmas. In a moment of sheer desparation my need becomes just too great and I decide to cram Nocturnal. So for the past couple of weeks I have been listening to two episodes/fixes a day on my commute to work. However, I have caught up to the podcasts! I have mis-timed my medication and now I have to wait for Ep39. It’s so difficult. I have tried occupying myself with other distractions, like creating a Twelve Days of Sigmas wallpaper that I just stare at. but it’s all just Methadone!

    I guess I will just have to attend the next Sigler Anonymous (SA) meeting and say "Hello, my name is Flash and I’m a junkie!"

    yeah, that felt better…

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