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Coming to the UK…

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    Well, obviously Scotland was my first choice with me being a Scot but I thought London would give him more scope.

    Now I think about it – Glasgow would be cool, with its underground and the Necroplis (a HUGE fucking cemetery).

    And you are right – a UK book tour would be awesome!

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    London’s underground has already been done by Neil Gaimen. I’d suggest Edinburgh but it’s been done as well, though that was by a Russian so no contest for the FDO. Either way, any excuse for a book tour in UK is a good one.

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    In London, the bulk of the story could be in the tunnels, abandoned underground rail stations etc then switch to a sleepy tourist trap where we find a branch of Marie’s children hiding out – they could be living in the village, unbeknown to anyone, then are discovered by chance when they are exposed to a reporter writing up about an unrelated incident.

    Just an idea!

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    but what might be more shocking would be setting it in a sleepy tourist trap and pick em off one by one! Guestford_junkie

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    Yeah, the Uk, especially London would be ideal for a sequel to Nocturnal!

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    lots of underground mazes, the streets are mazes too come to think of it…, and lots of good sniping location (for bows of course!) Who knows what could really be under London. The history of the area is unimaginably long and deep. Great idea Exciter!

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    I’d love to see a sequel to Nocturnal that takes place in London!!! Great idea Rohi!!!
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    that is a great idea to be honest with scotts detailed images it would give us poor broke bastards a chance to see a place we will not see until were old and grey junkies thinking back on when we had a full head of hair and real teeth

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    that would fit really well in London. That would be fan frickin tastic


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    Hey Scott

    Would you consider basing one of your books in the UK especially in London, I would love to hear your take on the place and it’s history.

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