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Clarification: ARealGirl's role in Siglerism

  • #AFuckingRocks #JunkiesFuckingRock

    Is the hand attached to your arm? :-p

    It was Bella. I saw it.

    Is it wrong that I find it kind of exciting when A has to pull out the paddle? I have an itch to say, “thank you ma’am, can I have another!”

    Seriously, if I ever have to grow up I wanna be just like Sigler (I already have the perfectly shaped and shorn head). BUT… if I ever have to become a girl and then have to grow up, A is the one I’d wanna be like. She rawks THAT much.

    Who’s touching me?! :-p

    We love you A! We promise not to make you turn this forum around again, we will behave and not smack each other from the backseat.

    Well said! I love a family that sticks together.

    Thanks for all your hard work, A and Scott. <3

    ARealFan…checking in. Hey A, sorry you and dad had to pull the forum over and discipline us. I’d rather have that than face risking your true wrath, or the crushing weight of the Plaid Tanks. Please, not the Plaid Tanks… 😉

    A is the Wizard of FDØZ. Only way cuter.

    Now wait there FDO. Of course Dr. Octopus! Damn. Haha. But that aside. A is a rockstar! When a signed Sigler book I ordered was lost to the UPS gods, she kicked ass and rectified the issue. ARealGirl is a real badass!

    A is the Real Girl
    And the Junkies always Rawk,
    Everybody’s on this site
    To praise the work of Scott.
    Stay Alive – NC

    Without ARealGirls tireless efforts, there would not be a SiglerFest. For that alone, we owe A bigtime! Love ya A!

    AFuckingRocks and Rules.

    Junkies, let’s make something clear. ARealGirl is my partner in Dark Øverlord Media. We run this business together as equals. She is not an assistant, a Jr. Partner, or an underling in any way.

    I create stuff. That’s why my name is on the masthead and on the book covers. That is also why people sometimes think they can ignore the Director of Døøm and come straight to me, or disrespect her in some way as if people can “go over her head” and deal with me directly.
    Her job is to run things and free up as much time as possible for me to create more stuff. I trust her explicitly. I back her play at all times. If you fuck with her, you’re fucking with the entire Dark Øverlord family.

    Together, she and I are building a sustainable business based on entertaining people. We have big plans. We have only just begun. We both strive to burn bright and grab all that we can before we croak. Considering our business is making people happy and entertained, we’re invested in a pretty kick-ass thing here.
    For you newbies, A Kovacs (also known as “ARealGirl” and the “Director of Døøm”) is the CEØ of Dark Øverlord. In order for me to do what I do, she has to run things and do a lot of the not-so-fun things that make a business tick. And on this website? She absolutely runs the show.
    If she has to address your behavior here, listen to her. She is trying to make this a fun place for everyone. We don’t tolerate personal attacks or douchebaggery. We both understand that issues can become hot buttons and people can get upset. It happens. But if she has to step in and say “your behavior is unacceptable,” you can either listen and work with us to keep this a fun place, or you can get banned.
    If you want to argue politics, there are many other scifi authors out there who are self-proclaimed experts both on the left and the right. We may post about politics from time to time, but when we do we try to keep it in a non-judgmental way. This site is about things that we believe in and support, not about what we do not believe in and what we do not support.
    If you want to argue who is more bad-ass, Dr. Who or Dr. Octopus, this is the right place for such cut-throat endeavors. However, when the attacks become personal, you’re going to get a visit from ARealGirl.
    This is our business, not mine. Respect her. If you don’t, I won’t help you.

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