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Chiyal "The Heretic" North

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    That’s a pretty cool idea!

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    Hrm, thus is foreshadowing made?

    1.) A GFL team that always needs great athletes.
    2.) A GFL that does not allow any sort of mods.
    3.) A purist nation fighter that was a natural fighter then modded to become one of the most dangerous sentients in the galaxy (Beware the Leiba)
    4.) Said fighter loses mod’s.
    5.) My main idea: Quentin wants a team that can play smash-mouth and take hits.
    Who better than The Heretic?
    PS Diplomatic Immunity once signed.
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    Ya, or near it atleast. But thats where the none modded Chiyal is too

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    Wasn’t the reef where Quentin saw the Dino games?

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    Or maybe Doc Patah will enlist Quentin to help keep Chiyal hidden from Gredok if they ever end up near ‘The Reef’

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    True, but I could see him and Quentin meeting as they are both from the same planet with the same thoughts on their former religion and both are not big fans of Gredok

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    For sure except for the fact that he’s dead to the GFL galaxy in whole, and im pretty sure Gredok would be to happy to find out the Doc Patah didnt kill Chiyal

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    I decided the listen to the Title Fight podcast because I am all caught up with the GFL and needed a Sigler fix. What a great story and what got me is I hated Chiyal in the beginning but now crave a follow up story with him. I think he would be a great character in the GFL series

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