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Chicken Skizzors?!?!?!

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    I’ve done two speeches in Speech class on Sigler and Podcasting in general, and last semester I did a book report on CONTAGIOUS. The previous year I did a report on INFECTED and was amused at the classes reactions when I told them about the chicken scissors.

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    I don’t know if I can yet, but I’m also going to be using Contagious for a high school project. I’m looking forward to the faces on my fellow students faces. Hyess, hyess I am.

     And why chicken scissors? Well, why not?

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       What up my Junkie Brothers and Sisters?

    So I’m definetly not a NEW Junkie, but I AM new to the site. So I just wanted to ask a quick question to all my fellow Jukies and mabey (if he can fit me into his tight world domination schedule) my beloved Future Dark Over Lord: "Why…WHY(!?)…Why would Perry Friggn’ Dawsy use CHICKEN SCISSORS to cut of his junk?!?!" Did it really have to be something so DOMESTIC? HE had a whole butcher block of knives and a citchen full of other sharp objects. But NOOOOOOO. He had to go and use the FRIGGN’ CHICKEN SCISSORS. I mean, JESUS Sig (!). Couldent it have been something else?

    Though I do quite enjoy the reference in the Contagious Promo: "If somebody gives away the ending, you’ll hate yourself enough to use the chicken scissors"

    Also. IM USING CONTAGIOUS FOR A HIGH SCHOOL BOOK PROJECT!!!!! HELLLLLLLLLLLLL YEAH!!!!!! Its all about spreading Siglarism through the public educational system.

    One last note on the Chicken Scissors: I am turoughly convinced that Andy Sandberg is secretly a host. In listening to his hilarious song "Like a Boss", he states (several times) that its a regular, daily activity for him to "chop [his] balls of"……… I feel a conspiracy coming on…. Is the FDO an SNL Comedian? And are Infected and Contagious autobiographies of our leader?


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