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Chick McGee's Orange & Black book

  • “Masara, you’re as uptight as an anal-retentive accountant.” – Chick McGee on his co-host.

    *attempts to keep a straight face…… fails*


    While it isn’t an exhaustive list, some of Chick’s zingers can be found here on the UBS Game Day wiki page.

    Still we’d like a few leaked on the site. The things you thought of while writing but just couldn’t write…


    I’m afraid Chick’s legendary commentary is really only legendary in the audio version of THE ROOKIE. After that (and including the print version of THE ROOKIE, the books have YA-safe language and Chick’s comments aren’t nearly as pithy.

    So FDO,

    when is a book detailing Chick’s legendary quotes gonna come out?
    Like a diary showing a month per page, with the other page showing a drawing of the situation.
    Eg. “Her chest was bouncing up and down like a batchelor party of male sklorno overdosed on Viagara” – Happy January.

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