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Chelsea Jewell = Little Sister

  • I hadn’t noticed that but now that you mention it. It’s uncanny!

    Mister Crusher SHUT UP! Doctor, get this child off my bridge… – Captain Picard

    Change a few of the blood sploches to triangles, and you might have some good Contagious candidates.  Observe!

    They may make for better Protectors, considering most of them are already packing Facial Rearrangement Implements. 

    Twas one of my thoughts on it too.

    Just replayed BioShock, had to laugh at a couple of the scripted lines spoken by Rapture’s Little Sisters: "Come on Mr. Bubbles! Angels are waiting for our kisses" and "Hurry, Mr. Bubbles! I can see angels dancing in the sky."

    Very Chelsea, and spoken in-game with a suitablity creepy tone.  I knowthe Angels in BioShock are the splicers and not inter-dimensional Kee warriors, but I’m purposely blurring the distinction….

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