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Changing profile picture

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     little stick like figure? is that what its supposed to be? :p  No still looks the same…

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    has my new pic kicked in yet?

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    At least I fulfill a role.

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    we can all see that there is nothing to see…………lol
    (newbies, easy targets, hence, cannon foder)


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     Hey deathspiral…

    I know you mentioned that your profile pic is working now but just a word of warning…anytime you change your profile picture it take a refresh of your browser for the change to reflect.  Just press your F4 button that refreshes the screen.  Once in a while that doesn’t work for me but closing the browser and then coming back to the site usually does the trick.


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    It is good now. Move along. Nothing to see.

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    I am having trouble changing my profile picture. I click the box to delete my current picture and hit the browse to find the new picture and hit the save button. At that point I have no picture. Then if I go through and browse for the picture again then after I hit save my previous picture is on my profile. Any help would be appreciated. thanks!

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