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Chances of a Siglerverse pen and paper RPG?

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    Very GM friendly,, its hard to find.

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    I haven’t played that platform yet, I’ll have to check it out.

    Do you know if it’s beginner GM friendly?

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    I think the Kult system would work better then coc. I set in modern day and with the mental balance system it might be a better fit

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    I think most of the books would make interesting RPGs.

    I would love to do a game based on Infected, it could take place in the apartment with the players all being infected or with the players acting as solders dealing with the infected.

    It could probably be done really well with a kind of Call of Cthulhu style platform; that way you could incorporate the insanity rolls, something that would add a lot of difficulty for the players who are either infected or trying to contain the infection. Plus the Chulhu style would give the GM license to just completely screw over the players, something that I really love.

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    Well, sure, THE CRYPT could be a game. What was I thinking?

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    What I was thinking is something along the lines of a space combat or even field combat sort of game set right around the time that The Crypt takes place, with players acting as crew members on a PUV or Purist Nation vessel, or perhaps that of one of the other alien races. Just a thought.

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    I’m not sure. I think someday a GFL RPG might be possible. It would be fun to role-play as team owners and staff, as you’d get adventures based on crime, recruiting talent, smuggling, assassinating and corrupting other players, etc. There would have to be some formula for determining wins and losses, so your goal would be to acquire better and better talent.

    Other than that, I think you’re looking at an X-Files kind of game, where you are a member of the Department of Special Threats and have to go up against all the beasties.
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    Was just wondering what the Junkies and our FDO think of the chances of their ever being a Siglerverse RPG, because personally I see a lot of potential there, IMHO.

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