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Champion eBook

  • Found it! Thanks!

    The link to download your ebook is in the SHIPPING confirmation email that came out around late September/early October. It came from Empty Set Entertainment, and in the body of the email there should be a link to the zip file containing the champion ebook.

    It seems that some of the emails that went out contained a dead link for the ebook download. Shoot an email to and A should take care of you. Anyone who pre-ordered the hardcover receives the ebook for free.

    I’m having problems finding the eBook download as well.

    Personally, I didn’t have any problems pre-ordering through the site (although I’m having a hell of a time trying to find my order history, etc.).

    Anyone know where the eBook download link is?

    When I placed my pre-order for the book, I had trouble with my online account, so I ordered it as a guest. I got my book (and I’m already well into the story). In the e-mail confirmation for my order, there was a spot where it said something like “Download your files here.” Or whatever. Anyway, it wasn’t a clickable link. Does this mean I don’t have any files to download? Does the hardcover pre-order not come with a copy of the eBook automatically, or was that an a la carte option only?

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