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  • ARealGirl and I really don’t have time to chase potential deals like that. If we ever get big enough that people start knocking on our door, we’re happy to listen.

    Any chance you have thought of working with someone like Dark Horse Comics to make an RPG based on Nocturnal? Kind of goes on the same line as the video game idea I wrote of.

    Has anybody ever brought up the idea of turning The Rookie into a CCG?

    The Rookie could be made into a CCG where you build a team and trade players, upgrade equipment, update facilities, and bring the mob in as sub attacks.

    I could just see it now. I play, “Barnes throws Bomb to Denver!”, anytime you are within 50 yards of the endzone it is an automatic TD. The other guy plays, “Play what I CALL!, Misreading the Coverage again, intercepted.” Quote: Dumb spelled backwords …” J. Tweedy. I play, “Pine’s excuminacation”, catch the ball no matter what!” Quote: Shake, I don’t care catch it or I never pass it to you again!” D. Pine.

    It could be the next Magic: The Gathering or Game of Thrones

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