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Cards against Siglerism

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    Cards against Siglerism has been a key part of SiglerFest for the last two years – saddle up and come on down to Vegas and get yerself in on the goodness!

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    I almost forgot – for anyone who doesn’t know what Cards Against Humanity is – check them out here: You can even download a pdf of the starter set and rules to get an idea of how the game works. Basically madlibs with darker options.

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    I have recently found the Cards Against humanity and thought a version for siglerism would be cool. I saw someone mention cards against siglerism and was curious if there was already a set already made out there somewhere? If not, we could crowd source some ideas and I would be happy to compile them and share the layouts so people can print out their own sets.
    Still not sure if this would be a booster (100 cards – 20 black/80 white) or a full set (550 cards – 90 black/460 white).

    I have also been looking into having real cards made too. If this reaches that stage I would be happy to pass the ordering information to see if anyone else would be interested. They are a bit pricey so I am still looking for better options for that.

    So any ideas for either the white or black cards – please drop them here.

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