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Captain Ellis on World of Warcraft?

  • Some reason I thought it was taken from Christiana Ellis

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    That would be really cool if I made it into WOW inadvertantly, becasue someone over at blizzard is a Sigler fan.  Does this mean Sigler is also taking over virtual worlds?  Should he add the flags of the alliance and horde to his list of conquered?  …Tsolo888 <AKA Cpt. Travis Ellis> – Out, Click here to Digg Infected

    The Crypt was originally going to be called Ghostship wasn’t it? 

    Can anyone confirm that the Captain Ellis on the Ghostship in World of Warcraft is a reference to Captain Ellis of The Crypt?

    WoW and Blizard are well known for inserting bits of popular culture in their games, would love to know if this was a Sigler reference!

    Long live Sigler!

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