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Can't Wait for Audio Book

  • pissed was too strong a term for it. First word that popped in my head when i wrote that.

    Yea i hope no one is too mad about it. Shouldn’t be, not that big a deal. Stuff happens especially when an author is so popular and all.

    ….but pissed? I hope not. We do appreciate everyone being patient. I’m not directly involved, but my understanding is that the problem will be fixed by morning.

    The Junkie Horde was simply too much for BackMyBook’s servers to handle. I guess that’s what happens when you get folks addicted to crack, though, huh?


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for THE STARTER. I’m very patient. I can wait. I’ve read the book so that helps too. I might re-listen to THE ROOKIE while I wait for the podcast.

I’ll probably buy the ebook version of THE ROOKIE tho whenever the servers at backmybook come back online tho. I know people are pissed about them being down, but i take that as a good sign cause that means the demand is high. Just hope it doesn’t turn any potential newcomers to siglerism away.

I need to get the audiobook so I can get my Quentin fix. But I guess there were to many Junkies that have the same problem. I have to sit back and wait for the BackMyBook team to get the downloads fixed. What is everyone doing to keep occupied while waiting. . . Nope I just checked my email and don’t have the download link yet!!!!!

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