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Can a Junkie get a store up in here?!?

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    …can we have some Chicken Scissors in the new store. Preferably bloody ones. kthx!

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    I know that you can get some of the books here, but I mean in all one place, nice and neat.

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    I think that it would be awsome to have a sort of store tab up at the top, like in between Audiobooks and Meet Scott; with stuff like the hardcovers, audiobooks, ebooks, Krackens Gear, customized DØM office supplies (flashdrives, mousepad, ect.),and long awaited “FDØ’s Favorite” and “#1 Junkie” T-Shirts and other apparel. What do ya think, Sigler? When can I look forward to having a cup of joe in my “Mug of DØØM” Coffee Cup?

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