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Buying the book! so I am not a cheap bastard

  • Opened on Christmas morning and didn’t even have to act excited about it.

    "We’re gonna need a bigger boat!"

    But you do know that dogs often lie about the last time they were fed? Or they have very, very short memories.

    Our dogs’ "Grandma" was scammed into giving them a dog cookie every time they went outside. She ran out of cookies very quickly.

    Of course, she should be able to have a HUGE t-rex sized doggie bone when Ancestor hits the stores!

    <insert witty comment here>

    All book orders are much appreciated by Dark Overlord Media. And by my dog, Emma. Did you know she’s staring at me right now, her big brown eyes saying "Daddy, when will I ever eat again? I’m sooooo hungry!"

    Thanks FDO! The wrapping paper looks great under the tree too. 

    The wife thinks that it’s Christmas Trees on the paper…her introduction to Siglerism will commence Dec. 25th!

    Just a couple days, so hopefully you will get your package of triangle-wrapped goodness in time.

    I got another Rookie for my son-in-law, he’s ripe for turning into a major junkie.

    <insert witty comment here>

    better late than never though!

    christmas can wait for the book if needed, it would be worth it

    or you would have said "books". Hahahhaaaa, Just kidding! We are all kings of procrastination here. I actually put the pr (heck I’ll add the "O" later) in procrastination. 🙂


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    Just ordered the Rookie!  Hopefully have it before x-mas so that I can act surprised for the little one.  Yes I procrastinated…well waited til payday anyhow.Money mouth 

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