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Borders Sucks

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    I hope I live long enough to get it!!
    *I am the Rear Admiral but Sigler gives the Orders*

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    at the big coffee shop that sells books 20% off means Best Seller or in laymans terms the same price as it would be elsewere

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    I went to the local Barnes and Noble here in Toledo Oh, could not find the book. I was pressed for time, had to be at work soon, so instead of asking a worker to locate the book, it decided to go the Borders that is about 2 blocks away. I walked in and there it was, in the New Release section. Granted, there was only 8 books or so, and it wasnt at the very front, but I was impressed. Hopefully others saw it too.

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    i thought it would take 2 weeks too to get the book, behold our FDO. the mail had a suprise for me today. i live in the netherlands and pre ordered from , the shipment package came from germany. maybe you’ll get yours soon too 😉

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    -oh keeper of knowledge so trivial it becomes important

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    the FDO used Dragon Moon Press to publish Ancestor and Earthcore, isn’t that a canadian imprint? 

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

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    Cuz Infected reached Canada 2 weeks before the UK.

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    UK 1st dood, canada needs to w8 in line!!! 

    what’s wrong with a bit of senseless violence?

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    dont moan about getting a copy at least you can go into a shop and then get one, any1 who lives outside the us has to wait 2 weeks, 2 WEEKS, not the time it takes to make a cup of tea, but the time it will take the tanks to roll over france, spain and germanvill.  

    what’s wrong with a bit of senseless violence?

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    The more I read these forums the more I see that Ontario and chapters seem to have more respect for this book, it was at the front of the store. Maybe next time there should be a book singning in Canada…

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    -we prefer barnes and nobles, but the closest one to me is a nightmare to get to (traffic).

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    You will sadly see quite a few problems with Borders…  Sad really… 

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK)

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    A few days before release I check at Borders to see if they will have it in stock. The computer says due out April 8th. Because I hadn’t checked here I thought – perhaps it was delayed, who knows. (Also they say a CD version of it is available as well.) I get home, and find the release day is still the 1st
    So I call them and the guy on the other end confirms – it will be there on the 1st.

    When I get off work on the 1st I head back to Borders and can’t find the book in the horror section, or in the stacks of books up front. Eventually it is located along the wall in the new releases section. I left with my freshly purchased copy, though who knows when I’ll have time to read it.

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    You would think that a bookseller would have a new release out and on the shelves on the DAY OF release, right? Since I work 3rd shift, I took a chance and waited until I got out of bed in the afternoon to gopick up my pre-ordered copy.

    Being the good Original Junkie that I am, I scoped out the "new release" table for the Triangles… Nothing. Checked out the "Employee recommendations" section, since it’s right next to the "new releases". WTF? So, thinking that maybe it’s out on the shelf, I go look in HORROR. Nope. Thriller? I wish. So, I go to the register and ask for my pre-ordered "day-of-release" copy of Infected. It’s not on the shelf behind the register. (redacted)

    Chick behind the counter is smart (scared?) and checks the computer for stock. System reports 8 in stock, so she calls in back to have someone look. TEN MINUTES LATER! the dweeb from the stock-room ambles up to the register, carrying my (pristine yet 20% off) copy in hand.

    "IS that my PRESCIOUS?" sez I. My wife rolls her eyes and chuckles at me, but she knows the story of Sigler’s Ascention, and thinks that it’s a great thing, so I let her live.

    Yes, Borders sucks in Rockford, IL, also. But, at least they had them in stock when they were supposed to.

    FDO said to me: I’d rather you be "assassin for evil pod-authors", waiting for assignments.

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    Well maybe just the Borders in Waterford CT. I called Tuesday morning to ensure they had infected. First it took them nearly 10 minutes to find it. I then drove 10 miles (creating green house gasses along the way) expecting to walk in the door and see rows of Infected proudly displayed in the new releases at the front of the store … no joy. I then had to ask again and wait another 10 minutes for them to once again find it (some place in the back) only to be presented with a copy that had a 20% off sticker on the front cover. I lost it.  After ranting and raving at the manager, stating "how dare you put a sticker on the front cover on the first day release of novel of such historical significance," they found me an un defiled copy. But I still got my 20% off. Wink But I will have the last laugh when I watch our Future Dark Overlord’sTM tanks roll through the Boarders in Waterford CT front entrance and crush the infidels beneath his treads.

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