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Booted, then re-booted

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    Smile Thank You ! I has crack now

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    Thanks for all the lickety-split repair work you do!

    Woot! New codebases! Maybe now I’ll get to 3rd codebase…


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    So far, so good, champ!

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    Pulsar is on the case.

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    Hey Guys,

    I’ve just finished updating the codebase for this site. The Give-Crackhits issue is still open, others i would need to verify / reproduce first. Could you please give it one more try and if stuff is still broken write a short summary how to reproduce those problems?


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    Surprising as it is, the issue we had with downloading ANCESTOR Episode #11 and the site issues are unrealted.

    We had to sort out the downloading issue first, now we’re working on this. Hang in there.

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    thats nothing. I had an almost solid grey rectangle (Rocktopi cave writtings?) wish i had a screenshot

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    It’s happening to me too. I always have to re-log in. I have captcha that there is no key stroke for, etc, etc……. So not just the night owls!!!!!

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    and the new went away… is fixed?

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    thats why i started this thresd.

    plus, there’s nothing much else going on in the forumTongue out

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    but hey, it’ll get fixed!

    I figure there’s no point in ranting – it just gets you all hot and bothered…and the words do look mighty strange…don’t think it’s Kingon though…maybe it’s Qutyh…!

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    … having that same issue the other day. And it posted the same post 3 times. It was getting frustrating. Seems to work okay when I’m using my phone to post.

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    Nope… I thought it was working but it’s not!

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    Still having it right now.
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    my crack seems to be updating now. sweetness!

    and thats all that really matters, am i right?Tongue out

    btw – i thought i was posting to myself in my own little unconnected world for a while there, it was a lonely feeling. +5 for being heard!

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    says last time someone posted in this forum was pulsar over a day ago,

    oh well, suppose it’ll probably work 4 me tomorrow.

    i’m gonna be a Captcha pro by the end of this

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    Not using open-ID don’t even know what it is. but i’ve had to keep logging on all nite also,l posts are marked as new no matter how many times i veiw them. even my OWN posts. And i get no crack. OH MY GOD HELP! (says i get crack after i post then i check my profile and it’s not there) none of this is really a big deal, just annoying…..actually when i think about it it’s not even annoying. it gives me something to complain about and makes me feel better. sweet

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