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Book Tour signings

    • 1 – Earthcore
    • 1 – Ancestor
    • 1 – Paperback Infected
    • 1 – German Paperback Infected 
    • 2 – Contagious

    I also have 1 Contagious ordered a Borderland for the FDO to sign at his leisure. I may have to split the signings between Houston and Dallas. Wouldnt want to give the FDO a writers cramp!

    “I still can’t tell if that’s funny or really scary.”

    Please tell me that the FDO wore latex gloves when signing your pimply ass since I intend to shake his hand when he comes up to the correct end of I-35.
    Tastes Like Chicken

    Meaning if I feel OK and can scrape enough coin together for a Mongo burger. 

    ..No Bounce..

    …No Play…

    • 5 infection books
    • 1 ancestor book
    • 1 earthcore book
    • my pimply ass.

    He signed em’ all!

    SynapticJam on Toast – hhhmmm… tastes like chicken (aka PUVJK) #3 in crack hits (Special?  Ain’t I just)

     Can’t see Scott approving of that one…..

    * , the future of digitally distributed novels! *

    I’ll have to shave the Pom and bring him along to DC 

    ..No Bounce..

    …No Play…

    when he sees it.  The more you buy for him to sign, the more money into his pocket so bring as many as you can afford to buy.

    "Even crazy people sometimes base their fiction on an ounce of truth" -S. Sigler

     shit man ima going to get you some freaking cowboy boots and a straw hat parrdner you can get away with those city cloths in one city but not two, shit man youd haft to be crazy to try! 

    hell if it taste like chicken,bring me chicken!

                                                        rodney carigton

    hard to spell in Texan

    Unless you are female and want me to sign boobs, butts or legs. Then you can have more than one. Or if you have more than one of my books, I guess that’s okay, too. Or if you bring an infant and want me to sign its head in permanent market … also acceptable.

    Oh, who the hell am I kidding? I’m an attention whore, I’ll sign whatever. 

    Is there a limit to how much swag we can get signed? I was stoked when I heard the FDO will be coming to Hell (aka Phoenix) so I’ll finally be able to meet him. Totally sweet that Scott doubled the number of cities that the tour will be hitting. I’m guessing I’m not the only hard core junkie who has everything that’s been released.

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