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Book Tour Question

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    Very good to talk (briefly) and have books signed, and yes I bought that copy of Contagious at Borderland, so remind them that I followed the proper friggin rules of etiquette on that friggin topic.

    Sorry to miss the bar… daughter was SMS’ing me ’bout something about a ride home… Also forgot to sign the sheet, put me down for having been at Borderlands to see the famous Scott Sigler and have the mighty pen sign da books.

    Good reading, too – Damn what a day!

    btw, Scott, you should quit referring to yourself as a noname author (response to question about book rights)… at #33 and with this much attention, it’s almost a mute point. you are not a noname any more (is that a double negative?)…. maybe the big money isn’t there yet, but the noteriety is certainly there…


    Thanks again for doing this 


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    I initially bought my book from Tattered Cover anyway and am planning to pick up some more on the night of the signing to say another "Thanks" for having the FDO as a guest in my neck of the woods! 


    Looking forward to meeting other Denver Junkies on Tuesday, too. 



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    Thanks Scott (and others who commented)!  This makes sense and I’ll try to pick up a book or two from the store.  Looking forward to seeing you in Denver Tuesday night!

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    First, bring all the books you want. If the bookstore won’t let you bring them in, I’ll sign them at the bar or in the parking lot or whatever. You get your shite signed. period. You bought them, they are your property, and you can take them wherever the fawk you like. 

    Second, if you can, buy a book or books from the bookstore. The management is having me out to drive sales, and you get to meet me and chit-chat because of that specific bookstore. It’s a bit of a quid-pro-quo — you do not have to buy a book from them at all, but if you can, it’s a great thing to do.

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    Call and ask. 

    I’ve only been to a few, but the ones I’ve been to have asked that you buy a copy from them.  Sometimes, they’ll give you a number when you buy the book and that number determines the order you line up in to get it signed. first come first served sort of thing.  If they do this, get it early and be close to the line.  I’ve never had a book store tell me that I couldn’t get other things signed as well.  In H-Town I got about 7 different things signed…   (5 copies of infected(one purchased there), ancestor, and earthcore). Thinking about it, I should have done more, but that’s alright….  Get there early and get a good seat for the reading…  And whatever you do, try to make it to the get together afterwards… Scott isn’t like all the other NYT Bestselling Authors.  He’s different….

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    Most bookstores will ask/require you to buy the new book from them in order to get any books signed.  So If you buy the new book from the store you should be able to get the old books signed as well.  The best thing to do is call the bookstore and ask what their policy is.

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    OK, I admit it.  I’m a book tour/signing virgin.  I’m planning on attending the book tour in Denver this week and don’t know the proper etiquette for an event like this.  I already own most of Scott’s books and would like to have at least one signed but am I expected/required to buy another copy at the store and have that signed or can I bring one or more of my own copies to have it signed?



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