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Book crossovers?

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    Someone in Nocturnal gets infected with a Triangle and ends up as dinner when he/she encounters a Ancestor?

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    The rocktopi and the the things that chased them in earthcore are a cross over from the rookie and crypt universe

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    There was a stuffed Acnestor at the taxidermist.

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    That earth is realy geting fucked up with the triangles and nocturnal and all that im amazed that inthe rookie there is still an earth to play football on

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    “There was a cross-reference from Nocturnal to Ancestor in the original version of Nocturnal, too.”

    There was? I must have missed that. Since it has been re-writen and might not matter now, what was the cross-reference?

    But yeah, the whole Detroit situation would need to be addressed in a new Earthcore rewrite. And maybe a reference to certain events in San Fran from Nocturnal will have reason to be referenced in Pandemic. Probably not, but one can hope. Would be nuts to see a Nocturnal with little blue triangles…….

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    I believe scott said once that when the book is re-written, it is written at the new place in the timeline. So when Earthcore is rewritten, it will be in the timeline after Ancestor (which is why we get a little preview of the character of Patrick O’Doyle in Ancestor).

    Nocturnal in its original release didn’t have any big gummint agencies as I recall. It was all local PD. So Longworth’s involvement seems unlikely. But in the rewrite, I guess we’ll see what happens. There was a cross-reference from Nocturnal to Ancestor in the original version of Nocturnal, too.
    One thing that needs to be resolved in the rewrite of Earthcore is that its corporate headquarters were originally set in downtown Detroit, and I believe it was in the Renaissance building, which I believe was “negatively impacted” by the events in Contagious.
    What would be cool is Nocturnals talking derisively about the wannabe-savior Hunter Hunterson!
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    that will be amazing when stuff starts to crossover

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    Anything is possible as all the novels are linked. It’s one big timeline.

    Stay Alive.
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    ooo i understand now i hope it will that would be realy cool

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    Thanks palumuk-mo-ki,

    I guess I should have specified. I meant book crossovers in the same time frame. So like how what happened at the end of Conagious is referenced in Ancestor. I was curious is Murray Longworth and co. might ever get involved in San Francisco. Or if the rewrite of Earthcore will reference something from Pandemic. Stuff like that.

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    the ki sent the triangles to earth in infected so the rookie is in the same universe also

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    Hey FDO,

    Just finished re-listening to the Nocturnal podcast in anticipation of the book. I know that the Ancestor and Infected have some crossover and exist in the same universe. And you have mentioned I think that Earthcore (well, a character from it) is foreshadowed in Ancestor. So my question is this. Does Nocturnal exist in the same universe/timeline as the other books? And if so, could there be any crossover? Maybe the CIA investigates some of the events in San Fran?

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