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Book appearance toggle on members profile page?

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    Yeah, I saw Slacker girl had noted her appearance in Contagious under miscellaneous, but I didn’t know it was actually set up to do so. My bad.

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    I’ll be one of the people that Scott kills.

    Unfortunately, I don’t see too many tech support people getting whacked.

    *chuckle*  Ok, it’s too early and the caffine from that peppermint mocha hasn’t absorbed into my bloodstream yet.  I’m posting under-caffinated.

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    Go to your user profile, Edit tab, sub-tab Misc., and story appearance should be there. If not, it’s an admin thing so send pulsar or myslef a private message on this system and we will get it posted.

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      I’m not very familiar with the Drupal engine we’re using to run the site. How difficult would it be to set up a Y/N toggle on a member’s profile page as to whether they’d appeared in a book/story of Scott’s? The number of folks who have had appearances within the FDO’s literature is pretty surprising. Yet some folks might not want it to be public knowledge so I think a toggle would be a good idea if it’s doable.

      If that could open an expanded field of questions, that would be even more awesome, but again, not familiar with what all Drupal can do. If the member selected Yes to the toggle field could the profile ask them questions like:

    • Which Book/Story?
    • Which Chapter?
    • Did you survive?

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