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Bodyworlds – plastination

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    And determined that I really should go to things like that by myself, and get there in the morning so I can spend the whole day there. I found that I tend to spend a long time at each exhibit examining every little detail… meanwhile my friends are whining about wanting to go because we’ve already been there for four hours & I’ve only covered half the show.

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    I went to body worlds about 6 years ago in Boston and there was a closed off section in the display area for people who wanted to view the pre-natal exhibit. there was a baby and the disected pregnant woman, which i thought was very interesting. thats too bad its not being displayed anymore.

    On another note, the part that really stuck with me was the display of the sick organs. smokers lung vs. coal miners lung, fibrotic liver etc.

    Also, isnt there another company doing the same thing as Body Worlds? Bodies Revealed i believe. that may be the company that acquired their bodies illegally and caused controversy, not sure tho.

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    I attended Body Worlds at OMSI (Portland Oregon). My aunt and uncle (who attended with me) attempted to bring their 10 year boy to the exhibit. He was allowed in and was having a good time until his mother told him that the exhibits used to be real people. He didn’t freak out, but he asked to leave and spent the rest of the afternoon (with my aunt) in the kids exhibits on the other side of the museum.

    The exhibits that affected me the most were the female archer and the human hand blood vessels encased in glass.

    I looked through the official book when I got to the exit. Many of the controversial Body Worlds exhibits were not present during the American tour. One of those was an obese man cut into three slices. Another was a cross sectioned pregnant woman.

    I didn’t want to see the missing exhibits because they were controversial. I wanted to see them because I was curious.

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    at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. It was absolutely fascinating! So much so that I’d see it again without a second thought! Well worth the cost of admission.

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    ….a legal battle over one of the corpses being displayed. The spouse of the man wanted it to be displayed but the daughter thought it was disrespectful.


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Who has seen thes exhibitions? Cool beyond words. Some of the stuff does make make me have thoughts of our FDO works.

Take a look – SkinMan – a bit creepy 🙂 not saying that is a bod thing


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