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Blowin shit up

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    seem to have missed this thread before…. I used to love blowing stuff up when i was a kid. every 4th of july me and my brother would keep one firework for every one we lit keeping them hidden from our parents. when the night was over we would take all of the fireworks that we set aside, dismantle them and build a giant firework. the great thing about building the mixed firework is you never knew what exactly would happen when you lit it… one time we caught our neighbors shed on fire while he was out of town. lol we put the fire out with our water hose and repainted the shed before he came home. i dont think he ever found out

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    Freaking awesome man. Sounds like it was fun.

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    That sounds like something to watch with popcorn, that I have not seen. However, I have seen homemade fireworks explode a porta potty…..I might have to add here that the homemade fireworks were my creation, the porta potty was the unfortunate result of me having too many male friends. Though it was absolutely hilarious in the end.

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    That is very true, but have you ever seen a firework factory explode. That shit is insane. But what’s even better than watching explosions, is watching explosions while listening to the ode to joy. It makes it a million times more badass.

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    Explosions are really awesome, but I have to say that I am much more attracted to watching fire. Exploding something is quick, and exciting in the moment, but fire is more interesting and evolves much more over time.

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    I want to know how many people here like to watch random ass crap just blow up, or explosions in general.

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