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Bloodcast collection

  • Yeah, it seems like a mighty fine idea… until I realize that by buying more books I will be one step closer to the poor house!

    But ARealGirl and I won’t be considering anything but ANCESTOR and STARTER until late July. From now until then, it’s about keeping our eyes on the prize.

    However, a Bloodcast Collection trade paperback might be a nice treat to have available at cons in 2011. Maybe in time for JunkieCon?

    The Director of Døøm has it on-deck for discussion once the ANCESTOR Tour winds down, so we’ll know more then. Hang tight, Junkies!

    … the supreme reign of the FDO by purchasing a dead tree version of these…

    Just Saying…

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    I agree

    a short stories collection, a CD/stand alone audio book…

    either way ( or both as a bundle), a lot of us would be running to grab it.

    that I think it is time for the Bloodcast to be self published as a book of short stories. why not? I know alot of junkies would just snatch that up.



    on NPR. Seriously.

    **Conjunction Junction, what’s your function? No seriously, I slept through grammar class, so I have no idea what you do.**

    Blood cast on CD?

    I don’t think it’s the first time one suggests this, but if it is, I bet there are a LOT of us Sigler-loyal-subjects who would punch in their credit card numbers in a heart beat to get their hands on that.

    Blood Cast on CD please, please, please…

    I know the next eight years of the FDO’s plan have already been mapped out, but I thought I’d toss it out there that maybe there’s some low-hanging fruit in one or two short story collections from the Bloodcast.

    Just a thought.


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