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Blood Red – Mt. Fitzroy

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    Like Mr. King before him, our Overlord is in need of a 3 dimensional chart illustrating the timeline and characters that appear in the stories. I just finished EarthCore and came here looking for MT. FITZROY, and will not leave sad that it is not here. I just won’t leave until it is.

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    I can’t wait for next in the series!

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    It reminds me of a poor mans Star-Fury from B5. Still a cool concept.

    The Irishman from Ohio

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    Thanks avinjer, I had seen this video of the Puffins before but never tied them together. Just need them some machine guns, but I think they might upset NASA – The rockets would be OK though Laughing

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    Ve veri veniversum vivus vici (idea’s cannot be killed)

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    Siglerverse timeline at the back of the limited edition hardcover version of The Rookie.

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    As usual, I answer definitively, with no fence-straddling of any kind.

    I will write MT. FITZROY, picking up the story after this “prelude.” So for now, it’s set in stone. However, as I write, sometimes I change things, which might make me go back and tweak this. Can’t say for sure.

    And yes, I have the story in my head. It’s a rip-snorter. High action, even on the Sigler scale.

    As for the timeline, it’s a little screwy right now. I took EARTHCORE out of the timeline until I could re-write it. That’s why Patrick O’Doyle is foreshadowed in ANCESTOR. The integrated timeline is based on when the stories come out in print. As odd as it sounds, EARTHCORE hasn’t happened yet. MT. FITZROY will happen after EARTHCORE. Confusing. Sorry.


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    And with the novels “tieing togther”, can we get a timeline so we know how they do, and will, tie together?

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    I also enjoyed this teaser of Mt Fitzroy & seeing our favourite characters again (sonofabitch!). If it is malleable in any form I do have one humble suggestion. It’s the name of the flying machines, Puffins. Really, Puffins? Not what I pictured Kool calling them. So maybe Koolkopter or Wright Flyers if you want to show this lunatic’s softer side.

    Anyway, looking forward to see how all the modern day novels tie together.

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    First off, Blood Red is an awesome set of short stories. I am personally torn between Sacred Cow and Wolf being my favorite. Well that’s not entirely true. Mt. Fitzroy is my favorite, but that’s not really a “short story” as much as it is a prelude. And that is kind of my reason for posting. So FDO, like your note says, this is a partial sequal and the first chapter of Mt. Fitzroy. And you also say that the rest of the book is still in your head. What I’d like to know if if you think/plan/expect on this snippet remaining the kicking off point for Mt. Fitzroy? The chapter does not dilvulge the whole story line by any means, but it does kickstart at least a few plot points. Are those plot points set in stone and going to be the start of the full novel? Or is there a chance that this first chapter might get reworked?

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