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  • Fellow Junkies!
    MTV has/had a bitstrip account. They no longer use it. They do, however,
    have the top nine viewed Pop Culture bitstrips on One of
    mine is number 11. I would like to replace MTV in the number one spot.
    To do this, I need your help. I have posted the link to that bistrip of
    mine. It is titled Steampunk. It is about a Steampunk podcast that Chris
    Moody produces. What I am requesting is that my fans post a link to my
    strip. Either in their blog, on their website, etc. requesting their
    followers/fans do the same.Please consider doing this so we can take
    down MTV. (Do they ever play music videos anymore?)

    Here’s the link: Steampunk

    and the url is:

    Junkies, let’s stick it to MTV!

    at the very least, click the link and view my strip and send someone else the link.

    (the once and future chief of the SFPD)

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