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Big batman fan any ideas on what graphic novels are a good read

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    I am going to double up on the “The Long Halloween” recommendation it is really what a batman story should truely be, quite possiable for it to be the batman story among all I have read, less of a super hero/cape story more of a batman story.

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    It was panned by just about everybody but pick up the first volume of Frank Miller’s “All-Star Batman”. If you’re a fan of MST3K or of general insanity you might like it. I enjoyed it because the Joker, while still a criminal and murder, seemed less psychotic than Batman.

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    I have two suggestions. First is titled: “JOKER” written by Brian Azzarello, award-winning author of 100 bullets, art by Lee Bermejo. Second is titled: “BATMAN NOEL” written and drawn by comic book superstar Lee Bermejo. Both of my suggestions are hardcover graphic novels. I enjoyed reading both of them.

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    Thanks guys you have been really helpful with this ifo i now have some where to start Wink

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    I cant wait!

    So i have these books: Ancestor (2007 Editions)(2) EarthCore (2005) Infected Contagious Ancestor (2010) The Rookie The Starter The All-Pro Blood is Red

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    His Sandman series is awesome when it comes to graphic novels. And if you want a normal text one from him check out the Abhorsen trilogy its awesome

    So i have these books: Ancestor (2007 Editions)(2) EarthCore (2005) Infected Contagious Ancestor (2010) The Rookie The Starter The All-Pro Blood is Red

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    Ok, As far as graphic novels go you want to start with:
    Batman Year One by Frank Miller, The Long Halloween and Dark Victory.

    Then you might want to move on in the Batman timeline to Death in the Family (RIP Jason Todd…kinda…)

    Then I would shoot for the Knightfall trilogy. Then there are a bunch of big story arcs that are cool (No Man’s Land, War Games etc…) but the big one you should check out is Hush with art by Jim Lee (some of his best Batman BTW)

    Then, if you like Frank Millers more…..intense….stuff try the Dark Knight Returns and Dark Knight Strikes Again. If you like those, try to find a book or back issues of Batman and Robin by Frank Miller. Classicly horrible awesome….”I’m the goddam BATMAN”

    The current stuff out there is good, but nothing that Is essential.

    Hope this really gets you started.

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    I love the Frank Miller stuff. Especially ‘The Dark Night Returns’.

    ‘Gotham by Gaslight’ was my favorite as a teen.

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    Hi all,

    I am a big batman fan but have never really read too many comics/graphic novels.

    any suggestions on what is good to read and is it available online.



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