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Betty Jewell = Wolverine?

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    So, I just finished beating the X-Men Legends: Wolverine video game on my PS3 – consider this a spoiler warning.

    I just want to point out first that the game, unlike the horrible movie, has blood in amounts that the FDO would be proud of.  We are talking guys rolling on the floor with missing arms, legs, and/or heads, blood splattering on your screen kind of violence. 

    Anyway, in the ending cinematic movie Wolverine is handcuffed to a concrete block, with the chain going around behind it.  A scientist is antagonizing him and Wolverine finally decides he’s heard enough.  He rips his hand free by pulling it from the cuff, and ripping his flesh off his hand, Betty Jewell style.  Unlike Betty Jewell though, he doesn’t go down when guards bust in guns blazing.

    So, Scott, I believe that if you ever want to turn a story into a video game that I know of the perfect team that is willing to take the violence to the degree necessary to represent your stories.  When the time is right have Crown call up Raven Software.  They just might get it.

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