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Best Location for the Audio Files

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    you are posting about as much has i have……what’s the deal?? trying to out do me?? huh? Huh? HUH??

    the voices are laughing at me
    * Murder at Avedon Hill –
    * Numbers are the keys that unlock the universe…

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    A thread on Infected/Infested led me to post this….

    If you’re looking for Scotts audio files, (except infected/infested), this is the best possible way to download those podcast for your mainlining pleasure….

    Download it, unzip it, and inject it directly into your brain…

    It’s got Earthcore, Ancestor, The Rookie, Bloodcast episodes, and the first 4 of Nocturnal… It’s a massive download though… Then burn a few DVDs and send em’ out…

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