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Berettas?!?!?!?! Seriously!!!!!

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    I’m workin’ on it!!!!!

    Wow. . . seriously?

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    do some research for The Sigler and find out what type of gun every character uses from each book.  Then post in in Siglerpedia.  Do it NOW or no pudding cake for you

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    if ever i needed a weapon, what my son started with on his tour in Iraq would be my choice, don’t remember the exact name, but he called it a SAW, sort of an M-16 on steriods, had a bi-pod on the front, could be a single person weapon or for two with the ammo feed

    (like your avatar, btw)

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    Hey, you know in Anita Blake alnost every one has a Browning 9mm. every author must have their favorite gun. 

    By the way, Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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    Because depending on the job, certain military/police forces have certain guns.

    Maybe I just don’t like berettas. . . .

    Wow. . . seriously?

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    And I think I will start keeping track of who has what. Awe hell now I gotta go read this mess again. . . .  

    Wow. . . seriously?

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    Hey, try listening to the armament that Savior is packing, then go cry to yer momma about too many Berettas. Aren’t you gun guys loading up the wiki with this information?

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    right on Wolf, i have the Glock 31 (.357 sig) , SIGLER has Brian carrying a sig-sauer p-223 i believe. Sig sauer makes a fine pistol, they’re just a little too proud of their name, as is reflected in the price

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    if i knew the difference

    if i knew what is standard issue for cops nowadays

    if i knew what cops could carry, besids standard issue

    if …

    if …

    i would make an intellegent guess here, but sense i am ignorant in such matters, i’ll go away now

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    And while Baretta used to make some very fine firearms, I prefer either a Glock 9 or an older Walther .380. Both are more reliable instruments of destruction. er, I mean protection!

    "Just shut the fuck up and do yer job, asshole!"

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    Please explain to me why in all of these books when anyone has a side arm it’s always a beretta. The only different one I’ve noticed so far is CrazyBlondChick from Earthcore. Why all berettas?!

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