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Barnes & Noble delayed Ancestor due to release date change?

  • OK. Well now I know.



    It was May 4, so the timing seems right that this may have been some sort of automatic message sent out to those expecting it on 5/4. That’s just a guess.


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    I think the release date changed from May 15th to June 22. Could that be what it’s about?


    Gutter Sistren whipping boy, innoventor of words

    I got this in my inbox today.

    Dear Chris Bell ,

    We want to give you an update about the pre-ordered item(s) listed below. Unfortunately, we just got word that the release date for this item(s) has been changed. We expect to ship the item(s) soon and will email you when it is ready to leave our warehouse. If we cannot acquire the item(s) within 30 days, we will notify you by email.

    However, if you would like to cancel this portion of your order, you may do so online at:

    Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay.

    — Barnes & Noble

    To review your order status, click

    Ship To: Chris Bell
    1XX5 xxxxxx St
    Cedar Hill, TX XXXXXXXXX

    This part of your order has been delayed:

    1 Ancestor: A Novel


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