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Barnes for MVP

  • True, a fullback wouldn’t ever win the MVP, but Barnes was more than that. He started as QB, and played (essentially) multiple positions and caused the win -he was the decisive player. Even Don Pine admitted (to Quentin, while they were getting worked on in the stadium hospital) that it was Barnes’ appearance on defense that threw him off his stride. All things being equal, no other player deserves it more.

    I was pulling for Don Pine winning with his last flash of fourth quarter magic. Thought it would be an interesting turn of events, actually, given how hard the book was pulling one way.

    So…the starting Fullback/back-up QB gets it over the starting QB/back-up Fullback…Cause I’m guessing to confuse the Jupiter Jacks the Starting QB for the Galaxy Bowl is Listed in the program as Barnes and the starting Fullback is listed as Becca…I’m just saying…@ScottSigler

    @Combat_Cook: If only the world of pro sports worked that way. A fullback will never, ever, ever win a Galaxy/Super Bowl MVP. Not gonna happen.

    I don’t quite remember exactly (I don’t have the books, just listen to the podcast), but I’m pretty sure either Greedok or Don Pine presents the MVP trophy to Quentin at the end of the MVP.

    OK…it was never officially said in The Champion who earned the Galaxy Bowl MVP award…it was hinted as to who they thought would win it but not confirmed…
    I vote Barnes…and the reasons:
    1. He was the starting QB…he took the first snap and got the first touchdown of the game
    2. He made an incredible pair of blocks to open the game field for the game winning score
    3. He made the final sack and caused the fumble that locked the win for the Krakens
    In a game where one play could have been the difference between winning and losing he made three of them
    They never saw the awards ceremony while in the rejuv chamber…I could see the next book “The Coach”, (My Guess for the title) starting with Becca congratulating him with the MVP trophy when he wakes up from surgery and telling him she wants one of her own…

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