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barnes and noble VS borders

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    I only know everything if you ask the right questions.

    Annually, I mean.

    Either some US online stores don’t take EU cards or their processor cannot satisfy the new security measures which some EU cards have. I don’t know which one it is but I haven’t been able to purchase from many US online stores (even some which specifically mention that they ship to the UK).

    And compared to the rest of the Oz outback, I’m actually a lot closer to civilization than most. 🙂

    I don’t go to the city often, but when I do, I spend waaaaay too much time in bookstores. It’s a pain in the arse living so far away, but there’s often some really good deals on books and DVDs online. It’s just the waiting (for ridiculously slow mail) that’s a problem.
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    they’re not fucking around huh?

    i hit book stores at least once a week to see whats new. can’t imagine being in the middle of f’n nowhere. at least they strung you out some internet. or do you use satalite link-up LOL

    My closest bookshop (just one) is 200 kilometres away. My nearest city (with LOTS of bookshops) is 300 kilometres away. That’s about 186 miles in American money. *sigh* I buy most of my books online.
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    That’s a smaller chain that AFAIK only exists in the southeast US, but they have always been a great source of less well-known books. They have always had at least 2-3 Sigler books on the shelves since the local shop was built 2 years ago. They also carry J.C. Hutchins, some Permuted Press books, and other more “indie” books. When I bought my copy of Ancestor there, they had put another copy on the shelf the next day.

    If you live close to a Books-A-Million, you should give it a try. It is still a “big box” bookstore, but I’ve found it to be a better option than other similar shops.

    … that they didn’t sell out?


    I only know everything if you ask the right questions.

    thats cool, i had expected borders to have it out front and was very disappointed it wasnt

    Ya know, it has been a while since I’ve been to my local bookstore.


    I only know everything if you ask the right questions.

    The nearest borders had it on the new arrivals table out front and multiple copies on the shelf in the horror section.

    Barnes and noble is too far for the drive so i dunno what they had for it.

  • HAVE a local bookstore. After we lsot our close one, all three of the big chains are 30 miles away!
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I went the day of the release to purchase a copy at a Barnes and Noble here in Tulsa. I looked everywhere I thought ANCESTOR should be, Sci-Fi, Horror, new arrivals, etc and couldn’t find it. Finally I asked one of the employee’s to look it up to see if they even had it, which they did and she led me to the location. ANCESTOR was all the way in the back of the store in the Fiction and Literature section. Now I know ANCESTOR falls under Fiction and Literature. But I think it would have been better if they had placed ANCESTOR under one of, or all of, the other genres. Most of which were closer to the front of the store than the Fiction and Literature section.

When I asked the employee why ANCESTOR was placed in the Fiction and Literature section and not in any of the others or possibly in all? She quipped “It says it’s supposed to be placed HERE”. “It” chapped my ass when she said that the way she did but I minded my manners. >: /

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In the UK, we don’t have Barnes & Noble or Borders.

Well, we did have Borders then it went bust.

I either have to order US releases from online stores or directly from the author.

usually Borders is on the ball when i need a scifi or fantasy book. I went there first to look for Ancestor and not only did the clerk look at me with that odd look they get but had to look it up on the computer. Odd I thought since it was a new release. He pointed me in the horror section and walked away. HMMM nice customer sevice!

I found the book intermixed in the horror section. I faced it and made sure is could be seen by anyone who walked by. I then took the 6 block ride over to B&N , to my superise the book was on the shelf with the other New Fiction Hard backs. The clerk there didnt know the book offhand when i asked but i didnt have to go combing the shelves looking for something that should have premium frontage. I bought the book at B&N and made sure I was vocal when picking it up off the shelf.(another customer was browsing the shelf at the time)

I had thought Crown would have had Ancestor on a front table near the door, I know im biased but with so much to look at in a bookstore a premium space for a new release is a must to help it succeed.

just my 2 cents worth!

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