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    Anybody else think that a Ki dry heave would sound just like a long field goal missing the mark and bouncing off the crossbar?

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    Well, favorite scene doesn’t necessarily mean grossest. Although, the two that come to mind for me are rather gross…

    You might try the Blood is Red and Bones are White collections; those are great ways to warm up to the Siglerverse!
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    I’m a bit of a wuss and so I am have not heard any of Scott’s stuff other than the GFL series. I want to try to listen because i love his writing but I dislike being scared/grossed out so I am super hesitant.

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    I don’t know about Forum, but you could certainly start a topic for Junkies’ favorite scenes. They don’t have to just be from the GFL books!

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    One of my favorite scenes so far. Speaking of which we need a general GFL forum so I can post my favorite scenes (hints: the first time Quentin paces the field high-fiving the fans).

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    Agreed. The best episode yet. We were laughing our asses off listening while driving. We almost had to pull over. CLASSIC!!!

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    Oh man!! Heavy-C, you are right!! I just finished that episode!!! I had to pull the car over, I was laughing so shucking hard!!!! I was just picturing the “Arachnophobe” embarassing himself! (Best I can do without giving spoilers!)

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    Hello Heavy-C! Great to see you posting on the site. Welcome!

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    Not going to post a spoiler, but the BBQ scene in The All-Pro has got to be one of the best ever. Not sure how Sigler kept from giggling while recording the audio.

    Mumo! Mumo!

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