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Bag Man

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    just downloaded it and getting ready to listen.

    my favorite is still “your a damn fool charlie brown”



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    Hooda thunk FDO would write a children’s story? Huh. So anyway, who recorded this one?


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    Bagman is my 2nd fav short story he has done.

    It would make an awesome movie.
    however even if he ‘survives’… I’m not sure how much you can get away with having people shooting at a kid.
    Cutting yourself Yes.
    Shooting adults. Yes
    All the gore you can stomach… yes

    Shooting rocket launchers at children…. not so sure…

    It it would be awesome

    Mike—I’d be first in line. before all of you!!!!–>

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    it is the first story on
    It’s all about the Numbers, my friends
    The Math god

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    Somehow I think I managed to miss this one. Thanks for the post, I’m going to go look this up…


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    I listenned to Bag Man the other day and have to say that of all the Sigler short stories I have heard this one got to me the most. I can see this being turned into a horror movie and possible a Nightmare on Elm Street type of series.

    Great job on this one Scott….I agree making the kid polite made him that much creepier!!!

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    I haven’t seen much on here about Bag Man, but I thought this was a really good short story. A spirit kid who knows all the bad things you have done, and that you can’t hide from? That was too cool….and to make him nice and polite too! Nice touch.

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